Construction Update: Week of January 9, 2023


Arabia Street
Watch for crews working near Indio Blvd.

Biskra Street
Driveway, sidewalk, and retaining curb construction continue. Irrigation relocation and repairs along with landscaping reseeding work will occur the month following driveway and sidewalk installations. ADA ramp work is scheduled. Watch for crews working near Indio Blvd.

Indio Boulevard
ADA ramp work and commercial driveway work on Indio Blvd. is scheduled for Jan. 9, 2023 and will continue for 2-4 weeks.

Leroy Avenue

Palm Street
Watch for crews working near Indio Blvd.

Valencia Avenue



  • Driveway construction
  • Sidewalk construction
  • ADA ramp construction
  • Irrigation work
  • Water meter relocation
  • Fire hydrant relocation
  • Remaining construction activities

DRIVEWAY RECONSTRUCTION: During driveway reconstruction residents may not drive on, or park in the driveway for up to 12 days, which may only include one weekend. PLEASE PARK ACROSS THE STREET. Crews will demolish, excavate, grade, form, place concrete, cure, remove forms, and then backfill, this is a moving operation. Sidewalk construction will occur in conjunction with driveway work.

Saw cutting work prepares for driveway demolition, excavation, and reconstruction. Affected residents can expect large machinery, loud noises and dust during working hours. 

After NEW concrete is placed, residents may walk on driveways or sidewalks after 4 hours, if necessary, but waiting 24 hours is recommended. Residents may NOT drive or park on driveway for 72 hours. 

WATER METER & FIRE HYDRANT RELOCATIONS: Water service may be disrupted for up to 3 – 5 hours once your water is shut off. Residents will receive a door hanger with the date and instruction for the planned disruption.

VEGETATION REMOVAL: Vegetation clearing continues. Please remove any plants or shrubs in the marked project area that you would like to save. 

POTHOLING: Potholing, where crews cut holes in the ground/street to investigate what’s underground. This is a moving operation, please watch for crews working in the street. 

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