Week of December 19, 2022

Crews are moving faster than anticipated, please expect accelerated timelines. 

Construction in Stage A and B continue and crews have moved into Stage C ahead of schedule.

The Pedestrian Improvement Project is constructing new driveway approaches, sidewalks, adding crosswalks and updating ADA accessibility ramps to improve safety in your neighborhood. 

Crews will work on one side then switch to the other side of a street once the initial side is complete. Crews continue with a leapfrog method to reduce inconvenience and improve overall efficiency and deliver a high-quality end-product for residents. 

ADA access accommodations are offered if necessary, please email the outreach team at info@HerbertHooverProject.com with your name, address, phone number, or call the hotline number above.

Work in your area

Stage A: Crews continue ADA ramp improvements, landscaping reconnection and seeding, and other clean-up activities. Driveway reconstruction and sidewalk construction are complete, however, retaining curb work, and fire hydrant relocations may take place. Work on Monroe St. and Indio Blvd. is coming soon.

Stage B: Crews continue driveway reconstruction and sidewalk construction on San Jacinto and Santa Rosa Avenues. Crews will then move to the west side of Rubidoux St., then next to Sun Gold St. between Miles and Tahquitz Avenues. Work on Monroe St. is planned to begin.

Stage C: Crews are working on water meter relocations, utility relocations, saw cutting work and other construction activities. Driveway and sidewalk work is underway. Parking restrictions apply.

Stage D: Crews continue ADA ramp improvements, landscaping reconnections and seeding, and other clean-up activities. Fire hydrant relocations may take place. Commercial driveway and outstanding work on Palm Ave., Biskra St. and Indio Blvd are coming soon.

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