Week of November 7, 2022

Construction moves into Stage B ahead of schedule. Crews are moving faster than anticipated, please expect accelerated timelines. 

Driveway reconstruction and sidewalk construction continues in Stages A and B. Affected residents can expect large machinery, loud noises, and dust during working hours. Parking restrictions apply. Please click the Stage for locations.

After NEW concrete is placed, residents may walk on driveways or sidewalks after 4 hours, if necessary, but waiting 24 hours is recommended. Residents may NOT drive or park on driveway for 72 hours. 

Water meter relocations continue in multiple stages A and B. Water service may be disrupted for up to 3 – 5 hours once your water is shut off. Residents will receive a door hanger with the date and instruction for the planned disruption. Please click the Stage for locations.

Note: Planned construction operations and posted schedules may change due to unforeseen field conditions.

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