Week of October 10, 2022

Crews continue removing large trees and stumps in all stages of the project area. The outreach and construction teams have notified or left flyers at affected residences. Please remove any plants that you would like to save within a 6-foot radius of pre-marked large trees and stumps.

Sawcutting, driveway excavation and reconstruction continue in Stages A and D. Sidewalk construction begins where driveways are complete. Affected residents can expect large machinery, loud noises and dust during working hours. 

After new concrete is placed, residents may not walk on driveway or sidewalk for 24 hours and may not park on driveway for 72 hours. 

Vegetation clearing, irrigation work, and utility potholing continue and are moving operations for Stages A and D. Please click the Stage for affected addresses and areas crews will be working. 

Note: Planned construction and posted schedules may change due to field conditions.*If you require ADA access accommodations, email info@HerbertHooverProject.com with brief description, name, address, and phone.

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